He Came Home To An Elderly Stranger Breaking Into His Home, Kills Him. Then He Realizes The Truth

When a 43-year-old Raytown, Missouri man walked into the house after a long day of drinking, he was stunned to see his neighbor there. Because he thought the man was invading his home, he started to attack. Michael G. Augustine put the elder man, who was a military veteran, into a chokehold and squeezed the life out of him while his neighbors watched.

But Augustine, who was thought to be heavily intoxicated at the time, had gotten the wrong house.And he had mistakenly believed that the victim, 60-year-old Clifton King had invaded his property. Although King tried to reason with the incoherent Augustine, the perpetrator decided to kill.

It happened like this. King came to the door to find Augustine trying to get into this house. And when King confronted him about it, Augustine killed King in his front yard by choking him to death. Now Augustine has been charged with first-degree involuntary manslaughter. This charge has upset many neighbors who watched Augustine kill the veteran. They believe he should have faced a murder charge for the horrible crime he committed.

Apparently, Augustine, who lives down the block, thought King had broken into his house. Augustine even called 911 to report the intruder. But in truth, King was at his own home, and Augustine was heavily intoxicated. He told the 911 operator that he had the “intruder” in a choke hold.

When officers arrived at his address, no one was home. Meanwhile, Augustine was killing King in his own front yard.

Police believe Augustine was drunk. His speech was slurred and incoherent. Officers could also smell alcohol on him. Although he killed a veteran in his own yard, they only charged him with involuntary manslaughter.

Now that the neighbors know what Augustine is capable of, they are terrified of him. One neighbor wanted to speak but did not want to get in front of the camera. They told reporters that paramedics had tried to revive King, a veteran of the United States military, for nearly half an hour.

Neighbors said the King was the friendliest guy you would meet. They were stunned that Augustine had killed him in his own yard.

Other neighbors regret not calling the police sooner. Although Augustine was shouting and choking the life out of King in his front yard, they ignored the scene and refrained from saving the veteran’s life. They said that arguments happen on the block often and are afraid to get involved.Although prosecutors charged Augustine with first-degree manslaughter, neighbors said he quickly posted bond and fled the area. He has already moved out and is running from the law.

Locals are outraged that this man killed a veteran by choking him to death and did not get charged with murder.

“He served our country, and that was not an honorable way to treat him,” a neighbor said. “I think that it’s sad. It’s sad! Someone had to give up their life because someone was so messed up they didn’t know it wasn’t their home.”