Cat Protects Baby From Babysitter As Soon As He Thinks He’s In Danger (Video)

We have heard stories about how dogs will protect their family from intruders or other animals. But, it is a rare thing to read about a cat who protects their family. Most people think cats are aloof – but think again! The following video is security camera footage that shows a toddler playing with a babysitter.

The two are playing with a ball, and the toddler knocks a glass onto the floor. The sitter should have known better than to allow the child to play with a ball in the house like that! The toddler starts to cry, and our hero runs to the rescue. It isn’t clear why the cat went bonkers, but clearly, the cat was upset and repeatedly attacked the sitter!

Take a look at this video

Source: a cat saves a child from a mother by Presniakova

This brings up something – what do you do when a cat attacks you like this? Seems like once the sitter treated the toddler nicely, the attack ended! Good kitty!

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