Check out the unique staircase in this replica caboose

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Check out this absolutely beautiful caboose, which has the look and feel of an authentic workman’s lounge car from the heyday of railroading.
From the stunning woodwork to the tiny, cast iron wood stove to the pressed tin ceiling and the art Deco ceiling lamps, this looks like a restoration – or the amalgamation of an actual caboose with an old-fashioned train station. Instead, it was designed by its owner and built from scratch by North Park Homes & Cabins of Minocqua, Wis.
That owner is a retired train engineer, who plans to fill the caboose-cabin with the railroading memorabilia he has accumulated over the years, North Park says on its Web site. That gives us a chance to take a quick look at the cabin itself, before it morphs into a museum.


Why would a caboose have a side entrance? It wouldn’t — couldn’t. Entrances are on the ends only — of course.
The windows throughout this model are beautiful, art Deco designs. These would look at home in any train station in the days of yore.
This round window is right next to the rear door. (The rear door is actually on the right in this photo. You can’t see much door, but you can see the upper hinge with the door stop. The exterior door is white, while the wooden door is an interior door.)
The sign below says it all. But who ever heard of a tiny house devoting this much space to a hallway? This is one of many unique features in this caboose-cabin-private coach.
Note  the terrific wainscoting that defines this space.
This is one of two pressed tin ceiling strips in the main room.
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