Compare Mortgage Rates On These Tiny Homes And Make The Dream Of Home Ownership A Reality For Around $400/Month

While tiny houses are a more reasonably affordable option when it comes to housing, many people wouldn’t be able to buy one outright. So if you want to invest in a tiny house, but you don’t have the money to buy one upfront, the good news is there are other options and financing a tiny house is one of them. Tumbleweed Tiny House Company makes it easy by having several tiny house designs that are able to be mortgaged or financed through lenders. Customers can pick from a number of different tiny house floor plans and designs to choose the one that suits their needs best and then they can move forward to financing and the mortgage options for their tiny house. There are a few options to choose from when it comes to buying a tiny house on wheels including getting an equity line of credit which works if you already own a home. The tiny house will end up being mortgage-free, but the loan will go onto your pre-existing mortgage. There are also FHA Title 1 loans which allow you to borrow up to $25,000 for a manufactured home which works well for accessory dwelling units or granny pods. There are also $100,000 tiny house mortgages.

One of the best ways to go about getting a mortgage or financing on your tiny house is to go through a company that offers to finance through a lender like Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. They offer different mortgage rates to make buying a tiny house easy and affordable. So whether you’re buying a tiny house for personal use for a cabin or a home, or for an extra room on your property, you can easily finance the tiny house. You can easily compare the mortgage rates on their tiny houses on wheels on their website and see which option would work the best for you.




They also have grants for Military, Veterans and Teachers too which is worth looking into if you qualify. Their Cypress tiny house floor plan starts at $374 per month which is their most affordable option. This would get you a Cypress Overlook tiny house that costs around $71,696 in total. It’s a 20 foot long with 232 square feet including loft space.

The largest option is the Farallon 26 foot Alta model with two lofts for extra space, and this one costs $94,372 in total, but you can have a mortgage for as low as $492 per month. This one is 355 square feet including the loft spaces, and two people can sleep in each loft. So if it’s more space, you need for only about $100 more you could be in a larger tiny house design which might be great if you plan on using it with your kids as a vacation home or living in it full time. The other models are in between these two options, and the Elm Equator is kind of the best of both the Cypress and the Farallon. The total price on that one is $85,975 with a mortgage of $447 per month. It’s also 26 feet long like the Farallon, but it looks more traditional in its design like the Cypress. There are also two lofts in this one for more sleeping or storage space too. Looking at all of the other options there is also the 26 foot long Cypress Equator at $82,534 for as low as $429 per month, the Farallon 26 foot Alta with just one loft for $84,834 or $441/month, and the Farallon Vista for $81,956 or mortgage as low as $426 per month. It really pays to check out all of the different floor plan and design ideas and check which one suits your budget and style the best.