I Couldn’t Figure Out Why My Neighbor Kept Buying Trampolines. Then I Saw What Was In Her Yard

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Are you the type of person who likes to keep tabs on your neighbors? Or do you notice your neighbors peeping a bit over the fence at what you’ve got going on? When my wife was growing up, there was a lady on her block who would always be outside sweeping the sidewalk. It was a convenient reason always to be outside so she could keep tabs on the neighborhood children and then report back to parents about any misbehavior – it was a tricky move.

So when a neighbor started buying used trampolines from all over the state, it was time to figure out why. Although the devices were broken and worn out, the neighbor was repurposing trampolines for things around the house. Take a look!

Trampoline Christmas wreath

If you’re ready to get your Christmas decorations set up, transform the ring from a broken trampoline into a giant wreath. It’s a fantastic way for you to spread the Christmas cheer.





Awning for a gazebo

If you want a hangout away from the sun, a gazebo is a way to go. And if you have an old trampoline, you can turn it into the roof of the shaded spot. Just hang it up and throw some chairs under it to get relief from the heat.

Children’s tent

Children love a place to let their imagination soar. And a tent, fort, or hideout in their room is just the thing. An old trampoline can be turned into such a place that will entertain children for hours at a time.

Floral frame

If you need a backdrop for a photo shoot or even for a wedding, you can grow flowers and ivy around the trampoline frame for this beautiful hack.

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