I Couldn’t Figure Out Why My Neighbor Kept Buying Trampolines. Then I Saw What Was In Her Yard

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Backyard campout

If you want a spot outside, transform the old trampoline into a giant camp. This will encourage your kids to get outside and off their electronic devices and encourage children to experience nature a little bit.


Remove the interior of the trampoline and turn the base of the jumper into a garden. The base acts as the support for wire fencing that will keep deer or other critters from entering your space.

Romantic canopy

Want to feel like you’re on vacation all the time? Transform an old trampoline into a cabana for you and your lover. You’ll love to rest and relax on it during hot summer days. And you won’t regret turning the old trampoline into this.

Chicken coop

If you’ve joined the trend and had chickens on your property, it might be too late to do this hack. But if you’re looking to build a coop, then you can turn an old trampoline into one with ease. You can protect your chickens and use the preexisting frame for support for your wire fencing.

Backyard soccer goal

Do you kids love to play soccer? An old trampoline can become a makeshift goal. Just cut it in half and place it on either side of the playfield. If you kick the ball and the trampoline bounces it back, then you just scored. Now go play and no cheating!

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