Couple Arrested After Police Discover Footage They Made With 1-Month-Old Boy

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Katherine was arrested that same night, and Derek was arrested two days later. Katherine did admit to recording the lewd act using her tablet.

Katherine faces charges of “sexual performance by a child and sexual battery upon a person 12 years or younger”.

After posting $60,000 bond, Katherine was released.



Derek was charged with transmitting pornography by electronic device and sexual performance by a child.

The Tampa Bay Times has reported that Derek is still in prison and his bond is set at $10,000. I am not sure why anyone would do this to an innocent child.

It is too bad that Katherine, a sick and twisted person was released from prison so quickly.

I think sexual abusers and sexual predators should be held in jail until their court date – we don’t need these people walking around free.

No one is safe with them around.

Share away, people.

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