Couple Expands Home By Making Their Double-Height Foyer A DIY Loft

When this newlywed couple got married, their small two bedroom house was the perfect size for the both of them. It had everything they needed including a beautiful backyard, but little did they know, their family was about to get bigger.


The couple found out that they were having twins and absolutely everything changed. Their home suddenly seemed a lot smaller than before. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the money to buy a new house, so they had to make do with the one they had.

That’s when the father-to-be decided to think outside the box and build something awesome for their unborn babies. With the help of his father, he started constructing a base over their current stairwell.

Once the base was secured, they threw over some floor boards to make another room in the home! With twins on the way, this couple was going to need all of the space they could get. Since the additional room was basically a blank canvas, they were able to spruce it up with whatever they wanted.


They started filling up the area with furniture, toys, and equipment. Now the area could be used by everyone.


They could use this as a play area for the kids, a study space for when they get older, or just an office space for mom and dad. The possibilities are endless.

They even included a railing so that you can avoid falling down the stairs. The new area looks like it was already part of the house to begin with. What an amazing and creative idea.