Crafty Ways To Re-purpose The Humble Egg Carton

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One thing we all could stand to do more of is recycle. The bad habit of simply throwing things away without thinking about how they can be reused is one that needs to be broken. And with a little bit of creativity, something that seems useless can be turned into a nifty household accessory.

Such is the case with egg cartons. Especially with so many people dyeing Easter eggs this time of year, chances are, you’ll have a few empty ones after the holiday. Check out some of the epic ways you can use old egg cartons below.

1. Photo board

Post photos somewhere besides the Internet.

2. Seedling container

Get that garden a-growin’!

3. Cupcake holder

I definitely prefer a carton full of cupcakes to a carton of eggs.

4. Jewelry organizer

For you fancy DIYers.

5. Crafts tool kit

Crafts tool kit

Little Things Blogged

A crafty way to store your craft supplies.

6. Office supply container

Because having your stuff piled up on your desk is not a good look.

7. iPad stand

The answer to your (lazy) prayers.

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