Crafty Ways To Re-purpose The Humble Egg Carton

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8. Condiment storage

For optimal organization (and cleanliness) in your fridge.

9. Nuts and bolts storage

Don’t let your nuts and bolts get mixed up or lost — use an egg carton.

10. Ornament holder

It seems so obvious now, but egg cartons are a great way to protect fragile ornaments.

11. Card stand

No one believed me when I told them egg cartons could be fun.

12. Bird feeder

Bird feeder

Kids for Saving Earth

Feed those beautiful birds and recycle while you’re at it.

13. Flower lights

Decorate a room with these pretty flower lights. You don’t have to tell anyone they’re made of egg cartons if you don’t want to.

14. Grill starter

Filling a carton with coal and lighting it is a great way to get a grill going.

15. Paint palette

The perfect DIY painter’s palette.

(via All DayLifehack)

Who knew empty egg cartons could be so useful? This just proves that the things we throw out every day are actually a lot more useful than they might appear. We just need to get more creative.

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