Creative Ways To Use Rain GuttersCreative Ways To Use Rain Gutters

In addition to be part of your roof and water drainage, rain gutters are good friends for home and garden. It is exciting to do DIY projects using them. You can easily repurpose rain gutters into many fun and useful stuff.

Old gutters, usually made of metal or plastic, end up in landfill when no longer in use. By recycling them, we can save the environment by reducing landfill. Plus, we can make something beautiful and useful for our home. The U-shaped designs create some good unique possibilities. Be sure to use your imagination and you will find a lot of uses for them.

Inspirational Ways To Repurpose Rain Gutters

Here are some great examples of using rain gutters: jewelry storage, bookshelf, hanging herb planter, summer beverage cooler, to name just a few. All these projects are interesting and easy to make. You can do them by yourself with some simple tools. They are wonderful projects for the weekend.

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