Dad Overhears Son’s Phone Conversation With His Boyfriend, Writes Him A Letter That Goes Viral

The father in this story had a son who remained closeted and had yet to come out. He had become aware of his son’s sexuality after overhearing a conversation that he had with his current boyfriend. The son and his partner were worried about the repercussions of coming out the closest. Namely, he was concerned about his father and his wife.

Dad decided that it was time to meet his son halfway and let him know how he felt. He wrote his feelings down in a letter and the results are as touching as they come. The note was a simple one but it still got the point across. He told his son that his sexuality did not matter to him and that all he needed to do was bring home some bread and orange juice after class.

This dad also let his son know that he was already well aware of the fact that he was gay since he was a little boy. Parents always have a way of knowing and this father had the good graces to wait until his son was ready to come out before speaking to him in such an open manner. In a world where parents are not always this understanding, this story puts a massive smile on our face.

We would like to think that we have come a long way since the old days when people were more prejudiced. This is the furthest thing from the truth, though. We will need to come even further if we are ever going to achieve true equality. The fact that stories like these are still noteworthy is an indicator that we should not be resting on our laurels.

Until we live in a world where someone’s sexual orientation is as unimportant to this father as it is to everyone else, we’ve still got miles to go. Hopefully, this story makes some of the more bigoted and close minded folks out there realize the error of their ways. It is 2018, people. Let’s all take the necessary steps to remove the hate from our hearts and be more like this awesome dad.

If this note touched your feel zone like it did ours, please take the time to pass this story along. We would like to see a major change in how these situations are handled. There should be no need for any sort of conversation. Acceptance is the objective…not tolerance.