She Didn’t Want To Swim In Gym Class, But The Teacher Wouldn’t Take No For An Answer


Some people have extreme phobias. They’re afraid of confined spaces, or they’re afraid of heights. And some people are afraid of going into the water. When we have such a fear, the best way to deal with it is to confront it head-on. But the person suffering from the fear must want to deal with that fear. Another person cannot force them to face it, or they’re going to be more afraid than ever. But that’s exactly what happened as you can see in the video below.

A gym teacher was caught forcibly dragging a thirteen-year-old girl along the deck of the pool because she refused to get into the water. The teen, who clearly has a phobia of going in the water, shouts at the gym teacher to “Stop!” and to “Let go of me!” But the teacher refuses to listen to her tearful pleading. Instead, he grabs onto her arms and legs and pulls her across the cement-looking deck toward the water.

Although the teen doesn’t want to go swimming, the middle-aged teacher, who is much bigger than the young female student, continues to yank at her limbs to drag her into the water. He refuses to take no for an answer, and now the teen and her mother are coming forward to discuss what happened.

The teen, who wished to remain anonymous, spoke to Inside Edition with the permission of her mother.

The young girl admitted, “It makes me want to cry, seeing the video.”

Her mother, Susie Garcia, has hired attorney Gilbert Somera to battle the abusive teacher and the irresponsible school.

Somera told Inside Edition, “‘No’ means no. ‘Stop’ certainly means stop. This was carried on for more than a minute and a half, two minutes. He dragged her down from the stairs. She’s got big bruises on her leg. At some point as an adult, you have to say, ‘What am I doing?’”

The teen was not deathly afraid of water. But she had just had her hair done and didn’t want the water to ruin it. The gym teacher refused to listen to this excuse. So he got physical with her. And he even started yanking off the teen’s bikini top to prove his point.

In the video, she yells, “My shirt’s going down!”

She told the Inside Edition reporter, “I was really upset. I was embarrassed and angry that he was doing all of this in front of people and just putting his hands on me.”

Her mother could not believe the gym teacher was so abusive.

“You don’t expect a teacher to do this to your child when she goes to school.”

The gym teacher was identified as Denny Peterson. He was suspended from his job and charged with bodily injury to a child.

The family’s attorney, Somera is glad the law is taking action against the child abuser.

“It is absolutely not okay, ever, for a man to put his hands, especially on a 13-year-old girl.”

We don’t know what Peterson was thinking.