DIY Flower Shaped Hotdog Bun

Creative Ideas - DIY Flower Shaped Hotdog bun

Every kid seems to love hot dog. The combination of hot dog and bread dough will be great to satisfy them. Let’s give regular hot dog a little twist to make a flower shaped hot dog bun. It looks very pretty and delicious. It’s also very easy and fun to make. It will be a perfect lunch dish, after school snack and picnic food.


  • Make the bread dough using your favorite recipe;
  • Roll out the bread dough flat into a circle or oval, with the diameter or length about the same as the length of the sausage;
  • Roll and wrap the sausage in the dough;
  • Cut five slits on the dough roll to make six equal pieces. Make sure not to cut through but leave about half an inch uncut;
  • Carefully twist the pieces to form a six-petal flower as shown;
  • Bake until nicely golden to serve. Enjoy!

Creative Ideas - DIY Flower Shaped Hotdog Bun

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