DIY Triple-Flip Faux Braid Hairstyles Tutorial-Video

Moms are busy with everything around the house and beyond. My daughter loves long hair, and having different hairstyles is a big challenge for me, and I always trying to find something new to get practiced before actually sending them off school with.This tutorial from Cute Girls Hairstyles is so helpful that it looks just fabulous on my girls and me, and it’s so simple to pull off than you might expect!
McKnight “decided to record the hairstyles in a blog format” so that she had something ‘permanent’ for reference after all of her four girls worn ragged her hairdo books after selecting their daily ‘dos from a book of hairstyles she had lying around the house.
For this hairstyle, divide hair into three sections and make three inside out ponytails in loose. Insert side ponytails into middle one. Then wrap 2 ponytails (under) above middle one and secure with elastic, part bottom pony and wrap around top continuously, That’s it, easy??
And her youtube channel has been a hairstyle reference for hundreds of thousands of moms and girls all over the world, me included. Enjoy~