Some Doctors Are Now Recommending People Stop Taking This Popular Medication Immediately

Just because a medication is popular does not mean it is safe. Aspects of the pill might have unforeseen consequences or side effects. Take OxyContin for instance. The pill is very popular. But it is at the root of the opioid epidemic that is killing thousands of innocent people every year. And the death toll only continues to rise year over year until the government and pharmaceutical companies do something to stop it.

But there is one drug that many people don’t realize might be detrimental to their health. After a new study found “no evidence” that having high cholesterol causes heart disease, 17 physicians have called upon doctors around the world to “abandon” statins.

Talk with your doctor before starting or stopping any medications.

Because millions of people take statins, doctors are worried that their lives are being put at risk unnecessarily. Statins do not have good press. And this new study, indicating that high cholesterol is not such a bad thing, could be the end of statins as we know it.

Until this new study was conducted, it was common knowledge that high levels of LDL-C (bad cholesterol) was connected to increased risk of heart disease. But after these doctors examined data from 1.3 million patients, they found that high cholesterol had no link to increased risk of heart disease.



Statins, which are relatively affordable, might not serve a purpose. And this new study indicates that their use is just a waste and an unnecessary risk.

But statins are not to be abandoned altogether. Researchers found that those who are already at higher risk of heart disease, especially for those who have already suffered from a stroke or a heart attack, statins could be lifesaving. In these cases, taking statins can cut the chance of a second attack in half.

Although high levels of LDL-C cholesterol have been considered a leading cause of heart disease for five decades, this new research has just flipped that on its head.

The study found that statins provide “doubtful benefit” to the millions of people who take them every day.

The seventeen physicians involved in this groundbreaking study were from all around the world. And they found that high levels of cholesterol had no link to increased risk of heart disease. This was also true for the genetic condition that raises levels of LDL-C, known as familial hypercholesterolemia or FH.

One of the most shocking findings, according to Professor Sherif Sultan, one of the leading authors, elderly people with high cholesterol live the longest.

Although Dr. Aseem Malhotra was not involved in the study, he agrees that statins should be used sparingly.

“Having reviewed the totality of the evidence, in my view the only people that should be offered statins are those with established heart disease risk.”

Dr. Malhotra said, “For everyone else, the tens of millions taking the drug worldwide who don’t fall into these categories, they should know that statins won’t help them live one day longer.”

If you’re taking statins for high cholesterol, it may be time to talk to your doctor about this study.