This dollar store laundry basket upcycling technique is going viral (7+ projects)

Cheap plastic laundry baskets cost next to nothing from a dollar store. Made from thin plastics of all colors, you have multiple purchase options. While you can certainly use them for laundry, these projects will have you upcycling them into beautiful and functional household helpers.
So grab a laundry basket and dump out the laundry. With a few easy-to-follow steps you can upcycle a laundry basket in the time it takes you to wash a load of clothes.

1. Door wreath
You can cut down a round plastic laundry basket to create the foundation form for a wreath. Ananda with A Piece of Rainbow did this to create a beautiful wreath of dried flowers. She notes you can also use silk flowers to create a durable wreath for any season.


2. Decorative basket
Take your laundry basket from a dollar store find to custom décor by adding a bit of rope, fabric and hot glue. You can pick fabric to match the design of any room in your home. The best part is that you can’t always find an attractive color of basket at the dollar store. This tutorial hides the garish colors and creates a beautiful storage basket. ​

3. Large planter
Planters can be expensive, and the bigger they are the more they cost. You can use a laundry basket as the base for a large planter. Erin at Elizabeth Joan Designs created this project as a way to use broken laundry baskets. She lines the basket with burlap to create an attractive planter.

4. Inexpensive storage
Closet storage solutions can be expensive. Ana White solves this problem by creating a simple frame for holding cheap laundry baskets. The minimalistic design means you don’t spend a lot of money or time on construction. Follow her easy tutorial here.

5. Car pet bed
You want your dog to enjoy a comfortable ride on car trips. Car pet beds keep your pet secure, comforted and raised up enough to see what is going on outside of the car. Instructables takes you step-by-step through creating a car pet bed from a plastic laundry basket.

6. Garden washing station
Two different styles of dollar store laundry baskets combine to create a unique garden idea. Using this creative solution to washing off produce in the garden works to cool it down quickly and wash off any little bugs that want a ride into your home. See Courtney’s garden laundry basket idea here.

7. Potato basket
Growing potatoes can be tricky. Traditional growing methods require you to dig a pit or a trench. Preparedness Mama eliminates this back-breaking work by growing her potatoes in a laundry basket. You can follow her tutorial to raise your own homegrown tomatoes.

8. Baby play seat
Where do you put baby to play? Michelle at Crafty Morning created a charming play station for baby from a laundry basket and pool noodles. She was able to customize it to fit her child’s favorite toys. It makes a charming place for baby to play while supervised.

These creative ideas will have you dumping out your laundry and using your baskets for fun projects. Share with your friends and family on Facebook!