Don’t ignore photo frames. Check out 10 wonderful ways to repurpose them instead

Is your basement filled with old photo frames that appear a little too rough to display in your home? Maybe you found a big, vintage frame lying out on the street for garbage collection. However you’ve acquired your frames, don’t toss them out quite yet.
Photo frames are amazing objects for craft projects. You can re-purpose them to keep their original look or you can transform them into household items that you would never assume are made out of frames. Keep reading to get started.
1. Succulent garden
Succulents are rising in popularity. They are cute, green, and so easy to take care of. Even if you don’t like the idea of caring for plants, you can get faux succulents to add a little green to your home. House your succulents by making them an adorable container out of old frames.
2. Hurricane lanterns
If you’re decorating on a budget, then this tutorial by Gros Grain Fab will save you tons. These super classy hurricane lanterns will make for the ultimate kitchen makeover and will only cost you five bucks.
3. Bathroom storage
Gorgeous, vintage frames are always something you can pick up at your local thrift or antique store. Perhaps you even have some lying around your house. Instead of storing these old frames in your basement, up-cycle them instead. This beautiful bathroom storage shelf is made by simply adding some small shelves inside of a frame.
4. Jewelry Holder
Untangling a wad of jewelry is a nightmare. You run the risk of damaging your jewelry and it can also take so long to get those knots out. Never have to untangle jewelry again when you make this simple jewelry holder out of an old photo frame and a piece of lace.
5. Tiered serving tray
This is one of those craft projects that will have your guests going “wow” when they realize what it is made out of. Not only is this serving tray by What Treasure Awaits easy to make, it will look lovely in your kitchen, just add some apples!
6. Decal wall art
There are endless options with this project by Embroidery Garden, it’s all just up to your imagination! All you need to do is have your favorite image printed out on vinyl decals. Simply stick them onto the glass of some photo frames and you will have yourself beautiful pieces of art to hang on your walls.
7. Desk organizer
If you work from home, you understand how much of a challenge it can be to keep your home workspace organized. Never fret losing those important papers again when you make this super handy desk organizer out of an old picture frame and fabric.
8. Key holder
No one likes to be late for work because they had to search their whole house for their keys, only to find them on the kitchen counter an hour later. Don’t let that happen to you. Instead, craft this cute and useful key holder out of an old frame.
9. Picture frame luminaries
Preserving memories through photos is one of the things that makes a house feel like a home. Take your photo display to the next level by making these picture frame luminaries by That’s What Che Said.
10. Side table
A chic side table made out of recycled materials? Yes, please! Why pay absurd amounts of money at a furniture store when you can probably find everything you need in your basement? This impressive table by Richmond Thrifter is made out of a picture frame and an old base of a lamp
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