Don’t toss out the old food tray. Here are 12 nifty ideas to try instead

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7. Footed trays
Are your kitchen cabinets a little cluttered? Instead of trying to shove everything haphazardly into a cupboard or a box, put your old food tray to good use as a spice rack. If it still seems to be taking up too much space, add wooden knobs to the bottom to create a footed tray so you can store smaller items underneath the tray.

8. Custom art
Old trays can be used for cheap, easy art projects that will leave you with a piece customized for your home. All you need is some paint, a brush, and maybe some stencils (depending on your level of artistic ability).

9. Dry-erase board
You can still turn your tray into a message board, even if you don’t want to paint it. White duct tape transforms your tray into a dry-erase board that requires no special paint or fabric. All you need is tape, markers, and erasers.

10. Monoprints
Have you always wanted to try monoprinting, but didn’t want to deal with the mess? An old food tray is the perfect size and depth for the amount of paint required for this type of art project. After you’ve finished your masterpiece, clean-up is as easy as rinsing out the tray.

11. Alphabet match game
If your kids are starting to recognize and identify their letters, this is the perfect project to help them learn. Use a marker or paint to write all of the letters on tray. Then cut out the letter from a stronger material. Your kids can match the cut-out letters to the ones drawn on the tray.

12. Play tray
If you have a metal tray, you can create a portable play tray for your kids. Use one magnetic clip to hold their coloring page to the tray in the car while another magnetic clip can keep a small bag of crayons attached to the tray.

Now that you know a food tray can do so much more than move food from one room to another, make sure you save the ones you no longer use. You never know when you might need one for a project. And share this list on Facebook so your friends can get some new ideas, too!
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