She Drips Chocolate On Paper To Make An Elegant Dessert

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that desserts are a massively popular food course in just about every culture around the globe, but exactly how beloved are they? Well, perhaps a good indication would be to look at the growing appetite for television programs dedicated to the craft of confection. Among Food Network, TLC, and Bravo, there are 27 shows (past and present) as of April 2015 that are dedicated solely to desserts, and that number doesn’t appear to be in danger of decreasing anytime soon.

Online media is another great way to access new and innovative techniques for your sweet-making. There are countless YouTube channels designed to help your inner chef achieve spectacular results that would perhaps otherwise remain unrealized. From microwaveable cakes to the chocolate lace cups in the video below, the internet has made it possible to learn a variety of clever tips to wow dinner party guests for years to come.
These chocolate lace cups look nothing short of amazing, so it’s no surprise that chef Julia Usher has nearly 200,000 YouTube users following her detailed dessert directions. She uses both semi-sweet and white chocolate to make these free-standing shells, which adds a bit of contrast and class to the already stunning finished product. It’s remarkable to think that she just starts with some parchment paper, chocolate, and a vinegar bottle, but ends up with a mouthwatering dessert like this.
People like Julia who push the envelope of creativity to come up with concoctions like her lace cup creation. Let us know what you thought in the comments below, and feel free to share it with all of your dessert-loving friends.

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