She Dumps Coke On Her Head To Get A Cool Look


When model Suki Waterhouse gives fashion advice, the world listens. She recently spoke with US Weekly about an unorthodox product she uses in her hair to give it a wavy, tousled look. Watch as she douses her hair with cans of coke, because as she says, “I don’t like my hair when it’s washed.” I suppose until I become a supermodel, I can’t with argue her results. This video shows the world how to do the ‘The Coca-Cola Rinse.’

ModaMob co-founders Nora and Ani decide to give this experiment a try on their YouTube channel and it’s hilarious to watch. I’ve seen soda poured on people’s heads in the movies, but never willingly in an attempt to test out the newest fad.  After dumping a can of coke on Nora’s head I couldn’t wait to hear what she thought about the new craze. She notes that her hair doesn’t feel any weirder than when she normally washes it, but she does point out that there are other products (like sea salt spray) that can have a similar effect.
Different hair types will respond differently to the Coke rinse, so I certainly want to try it just to say I’ve done it once. What about you? Are you brave enough to crack open a can of Coke and dump it on your head for that beach look? Let us know if you would try this new craze, or share it with a friend you’d think might be brave enough to do so. More importantly, if you have tried it, we would love to know the