After My Elderly Neighbor Passed Away, We Learned He Had A Secret Bag Belonging To My Toddler

A family had come to adore their senior neighbor Ken Watson. He was a character. Even as his age climbed, he continued to live like he was a man a third his age. Watson strapped himself to the wing of an airplane so the pilot could perform risky stunts and he also learned how to skydive when he was eighty-five years young.


Because he lived such an exciting life, his neighbors suspected that he would go out in glory. However, his end was modest and rather normal. But before he went, he did perform one last stunt that left his neighbors shocked.

During his life, Watson was a deep-sea diver. And after he retired, he fell in love with his local community. Living near him, two-year-old Cadi and Watson struck up a friendship. Watson fell in love with the small child, and they became inseparable. Although he was much, much older, eighty-eight years older than the two-year-old, Ken and Cadi established a friendship that could bridge the gap in years.

Sadly, Ken Watson passed away at the age of ninety. After his funeral, Watson’s daughter came knocking at Cadi’s father’s home. The old man had stashed away a bunch of goods that “belonged” to the two-year-old.





Although no one realized, Ken and Cadi had a deeper friendship than they had suspected. Because he was getting older, he knew he was running out of time. And he worried that he would not be able to get Cadi her Christmas present this last year. But instead of doing something that people suspected, Ken shocked the neighbors when her daughter gave Cadi’s father fourteen gifts instead of just one. That meant that Cadi would have a gift from Ken until she reached her sixteenth year. Her father, Owen, spoke to BBC about what the generous neighbor did.

“Our elderly neighbor passed away recently. His daughter popped round a few moments ago clutching a large plastic sack. In the sack were all the Christmas presents he’d bought for our daughter for the next thirteen years.”

Owen and his beloved wife Caroline could not believe that Cadi had made such an impression on their senior neighbor. They were overjoyed to know that Ken had such a big heart and was thinking of their toddler daughter in his last days.


Although Ken wanted to give Cadi a gift every year, he forgot to label them for the gifts. That meant that Owen and Caroline had no idea what to give their daughter. He didn’t want to give his two-year-old daughter a gift designed for a thirteen-year-old. That’s why he unwrapped them to check out what there was. One of them was a book. It inspired Owen to think that his neighbor wanted his daughter to be a reader and to engage with the world and broaden her perspective.

Although Owen and Caroline don’t know what is inside every box, they are inspired that Ken gave their daughter so much thought in his final years.

What do you think about this man’s final act toward his young neighbor?

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