Ellko tries using Coke to add texture to her hair


People enjoy the refreshing taste of Coca-Cola on a hot day, but pouring it over your hair to make it curly sounds rather bizarre. Ellie Kodia of the YouTube channel Ellko specializes “in testing Pinterest beauty hacks,” so she tried this beauty tip to see if it was a “fail or holy grail,” as she puts it. You may be surprised with the results.




Kodia started with clean, dry hair; two 20-ounce bottles of Coke; and a large bowl. Placing a large towel under the bowl might be a good idea just in case any Coke spills out of the bowl. She then flipped her hair over her head and poured both bottles of Coke over her hair, making sure that her hair was thoroughly soaked. After soaking her hair, she rinsed the Coke out with water. Kodia points out that her hair had significantly more body after the rinse. A word of caution to those who color their hair: Remedies and Herbs points out that Coke will also lighten colored hair. 
The same article points out that the reason the hair gets body or curl is because of the phosphoric acid in the soda. The acid causes the cuticle on the hair to contract; so if the hair has some natural curl to it already, the soda will “enhance” the curl. The same acid that enhances the curl is what is responsible for stripping out the color.
Kodia didn’t show the final, styled product, but does say, “I will totally do this again. I want to experiment with this and see if I can really master and make it work for me.” Hopefully, you’ll like the results too.