Every Person Who Loved “Last Man Standing” Just Got Some Very Good News


Last year, Tim Allen revealed to all his fans the sad news. ABC canceled his show without notice for no particular reason. Allen even went so far to claim that ABC shut down his show because of his conservative viewpoint. But the network refuted that claim and had since revived Roseanne, a decisively pro-Trump show. Because Roseanne has already proven to be a big winner for ratings, Fox had been giving “serious consideration” to reviving “Last Man Standing” after ABC threw it in the trash.

Now Fox has made it official: they are reviving Last Man Standing for Season 7. Assuming the show can revive the ratings it saw while on ABC, it will be one of Fox’s most popular shows.

As you can imagine, Tim Allen and his fans rejoiced at the good news.

Tim Allen stars in the show as Mike Baxter, a politically and socially conservative American that fans have grown to adore. When ABC shut down the show last year, Allen’s fans were outraged.

Roseanne’s first two episodes attracted about 18.1 million viewers, which made it the “highest-rated regularly-scheduled scripted show of the last few seasons, as well as the highest-rated sitcom in recent memory,” the Hollywood Reporter wrote.

Readers of IJR where excited to hear that Allen’s show was coming back to television in May.

“Mike Baxter was a great character, and if Last Man Standing gets picked up by Fox, I will be more than happy to watch.”

“About time,” one happy reader said.

“Wait, what? Decent people like watching decent television programming? Hopefully, the studios are paying close attention. We don’t want to hear their liberal views, and we don’t want to see them on TV. Also, take a look at the success that faith-based movies are having at the box office. How stupid could these studios be to keep putting trash on television?”

“Please, Fox, pick it up. It was my favorite show because I didn’t have to listen to a bunch of liberal propaganda.”

Did you get to watch the show when new episodes were coming out? Are you eager to watch it on WGN America?