Everyone In The Store Watched As One Man Stood Next To The Cashier And Wouldn’t Let Anyone Else Pay

Standing in line to pay for your items at the store is never fun. But sometimes, good things can happen. Has a stranger, out of the kindness of their heart, ever bought you lunch? It doesn’t happen every day. But when people reach into the depths of their goodness and share that with others, it lights up the other person’s life like a lantern. Good deeds can lift other people out of depression and even help them back away from the edge of suicide.

But in Greendale, Indiana, one man refused to let others pay for lunch. And he did it not just because he was a good person, but also because he saw an entire convoy of hungry United States soldiers. Because he was inspired by their service to the nation, he wanted to do his part in making their lives a tiny bit better. He felt free lunch was in order.

While a hidden camera ran, Mike Kesterman was caught sharing his gratitude for the people of the United States armed forces. Because he happened to be at a gas station while a convoy of soldiers arrived, Kesterman opened his heart, and his wallet, to make sure they knew there were still Americans out there who valued good, old-fashioned service for this country.

With his wallet open and a smile on his face, Kesterman informed every member of that convoy that their snack would be paid for. Although he didn’t think anyone was watching, nor did he care if they were, one of the cashiers at the gas station, Darlene Davis, had her eye on the good deed as it unfolded.

With her smartphone in hand, Darlene started recording. She recognized it for what it was and knew it was special. Because Kesterman was paying it forward because of the soldiers’ service to the country, she wanted to honor him and highlight his goodness.

In the video, Kesterman greets each service person with a smile as if he is a politician. Then he said, “It’s all about you today.”

After Darlene’s video of him went viral, the news stations flocked in for an interview. Kesterman told WTHR 13 that he wanted to bless the lives of these soldiers.

“Our young soldiers. They put their lives on the line every day they are doing this. We have to show appreciation for what they are doing,” he said.

Compared to their service, Kesterman would argue, what are a few snacks?

Nevertheless, Kesterman opened his heart to about twenty-five young soldiers. Each one, regardless of their race or sexual orientation, received free lunch from the generous Indiana man.

At the end of the day, Kesterman spent about $148, but he felt every penny was well worth it.

Although he got his fifteen minutes of fame from the incident, Kesterman was not doing it for that reason. He wanted, simply, to honor the people of the United States military and recognize them for the hard work they do every day at risk of their life and limb.

In the video below, you’ll be able to watch this incident unfolding. And it has the power to warm your heart.