Fast & Easy Faux Bed Frame

Make this DIY faux bed frame in minutes for cheap!
Time: 45 Minutes Cost: $60 Difficulty: Easy
  • fast easy faux bed frame
Before. Oh. So sad. We purchased a new bed but with everything on the frame, it was just much too tall and made the room look smaller. Poof, out with the frame.
But ever since then, I’ve been trying to figure out how to mask the ugly box spring.
  • fast easy faux bed frame
I stumbled across an inspirational idea on the internet and finally!, finally I was off to the races. This project is so cheap and easy, and so effective, your mind will be blown.
All you need? Three pieces of 1×10 pine, some angle brackets, and the finishing method of your choice.
Be sure to pop over to my blog, Flipping the Flip, for all the funny details about this project and so many more!
  • fast easy faux bed frame
First, measure your box spring’s length and width. Cut your pieces of wood to the appropriate sizes. Don’t forget to subtract that 3/4″ of the 1x wood somewhere!
Next, time to make it pretty. Your imagination is your only limit — stain, paint, decorate, burn the wood, cover it in tiles….Seriously, the options are endless. I opted for fabric which I merely stapled on.
  • fast easy faux bed frame
On the blog, I explain how to make these nice crisp and clean corners.
  • fast easy faux bed frame
Next, assembly. Attach your corner brackets right up to the edge. I pilot drilled the holes first so the wood wouldn’t split and used strong fancy glue as I have a bulldozer of a crazy dog who plows into everything.
  • fast easy faux bed frame
Attach the other panels, skooch it around your bed and …..
  • fast easy faux bed frame
Voila! A fancy expensive looking faux bed frame! Just watch your toes.
Be sure to click the link below to see all the details about this project and the super huge bulldozer dog!

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