Force Your Body To Convert Fat Into Energy With These 7 Steps

Obesity is becoming a growing problem all around the world but especially in the US. Statistical information show that every 3rd person in the world is overweight or obese and it wouldn’t be so worrying if it wasn’t for the fact that all of these people suffer from a number of serious health conditions and have difficulties in their everyday life.

This problem is usually accompanied with diabetes, joint pain, back pain, cardiovascular problems and increased risk of a stroke or a heart attack. Moreover, these people often have self-esteem issues and struggle in their social life as well.

Losing weight can be a challenge but we’re here to show you that with strong will and dedication and our help you can push your organism into burning more fat and eliminate all that excess pounds and fat. The 7 steps we explain below will help you boost ketosis, a process of converting fat into energy and speed up your metabolism which will guarantee weight loss.

Here’s a list of 7 easy tasks you should implement in your everyday life to encourage ketosis:

Test your ketone levels

For optimal results you need to test your ketone levels. Ketones can be divided into 3 types, acetone, acetoacetate and hydroxybutyrate and you can evaluate their levels through your blood, urine or breath. Health experts can recommend an appropriate diet based on your results and the goal in mind.

Physical activity

As with any other weight loss program, we recommend regular physical activity, as it is key for your overall health. Exercising boosts ketosis so you have to start up some workout routine to lose weight.

Intermittent fasting

If you skip eating for a couple of hours, you’ll boost ketosis. Not eating between breakfast and dinner will get you the results you need, as it will stimulate the ketosis process.

Proteins are Important

Proteins boost muscle and bones health and keep our hair, nails and skin healthy as well. Increase your protein consumption and mind the other important nutrients as well if you want to boost ketosis.

Introduce coconut oil to your diet

This oil is abundant in all the important nutrients your body need to function at optimal level. It’s among the healthies ingredients in the world and will help you boost ketosis. Start introducing coconut oil to your diet gradually to avoid digestive problems and increase the amount to 2tbsp. a day.

Your diet should be rich in healthy fats

There are unhealthy fats and there are healthy fats as well. You should eliminate the unhealthy fats and increase the healthy ones like olive oil, avocado, coconut oil and butter.

Eliminate carbs from your diet

Carbs are not beneficial for the ketosis process so you should eliminate them or reduce their intake significantly. If your diet is rich in sugary, high-carb foods your body will use them as the main source of energy.

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