Forget tossing out empty juice cartons. Here are 14 ways to use them instead

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8. Planters
An old juice carton is a great place to start your seedlings. You can keep them contained in the home where you can keep an eye on them until they’re ready to go outside. They’re also great for showing the kids how to garden.
9. Coaster

Cut up your old juice carton into strips then weave them together to create this sturdy, colorful and pretty cute coaster. They look like an upcycled craft you’d buy in a store, but lucky for you, you’ll have made it at a fraction of the cost.
10. Pencil holder
Keep all your crafts, pens, pencils and paintbrushes in order with the help of some revamped juice cartons. Simply paint them in your favorite color, or with a cool design like these, and you’re good to go.
11. Desk organizer
Messy desk? Solve that with an easy-to-make desk organizer from an old juice carton. It’s simple, quick to make and we guarantee it will keep your phone and knickknacks in place.
12. Lanterns
Looking to spruce up your patio this year? Grab some old juice cartons, make some cut outs into them and paint them as well, then you can stick them on top of your fairy lights. This DIY is both clever and cute.
13. Bag
Unless someone told you, you would probably never guess that this bag was made from old juice cartons. This one has been covered in a pretty paper to make this awesome pattern, but you can leave it in its natural packaging for a funky eco-chic look too.
14. Paint holder
Next time you have a painting project — big or small — cut the top off of your carton and fill it up with paint. It’s easy to carry around as you paint and it holds a lot.
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