Gift Inspiration: How To Knit Decorative Throw Blankets They’ll Cherish Forever

Sure, there are ready-made blankets for sale at nearly every major retailer. This DIY version, however, allows you to literally wrap the object of your affection up in your love. Not even a cashmere blanket can compete with that level of coziness.

As far as personalized gift ideas go, knitted decorative throw blankets are a delightful way to keep your loved ones warm. Plus, making your own presents ensures that each blanket is as unique as the recipient. The biggest deterrent to DIY gift ideas, of course, is wondering whether you have the supplies, skills, or time necessary to complete the project. The tutorial below has you covered on all those fronts — and takes less than an hour to complete.

Taking the phrase “handmade” to heart, Amanda Bassetti (also known as Simply Maggie, a tribute to her grandparents’ nickname for her) does away with knitting needles altogether and demonstrates just how easy — and trendy, as evidenced by this inpiration list from Cute DIY Projects — arm knitting is. Using her forearms as her needles, she loops a slipknot of soft cotton yarn around her wrist, then casts on 18 stitches. From there, Bassetti knits for 32 rows before binding off and neatly weaving the ends in. There are no knitting needles required for this project, and you can adjust the dimensions and the color of your cotton yarn for a truly one-of-a-kind blanket. The only tricky aspect of this blanket is ensuring that you have enough cotton yarn to make sufficiently cuddly decorative throw blankets.
Whether you’re a knitting expert or a beginner, this tutorial does an excellent job of explaining precisely what you need to do. Knitting and crochet patterns are fairly easy to find online, but this “knit-along” video is ideal for beginners or for those who learn better by jumping in. After all, seeing a knitting pattern listed out might be overwhelming at first. Bassetti speaks slowly and clearly as she goes through the steps, allowing the viewer to fully absorb her instructions as she knits. For those who would prefer written instructions and already know how to arm knit, Bassetti has made the pattern available on her blog.
The most remarkable aspect of this tutorial is how quickly Bassetti makes this blanket. Knitting projects may be daunting to beginners because of how long each stitch takes, but Bassetti claims that this blanket only took her 45 minutes to make. It helps that the knit is chunky because it’s based around the circumference of her forearm, and the cotton yarn itself is quite thick. It’s also worth noting that Bassetti’s finished blanket measures 5 feet by 3 feet, so a larger blanket will take more time.
Along with this envy-worthy blanket, Bassetti posts tutorials for pillow covers, cold weather accessories (including infinity scarves), and even knit baby blankets and booties. She employs various techniques in addition to arm knitting, such as finger knitting and knitting with traditional needles. For those of you who would rather purchase completed items, Bassetti sells premade and custom pieces on her Etsy page, The Velvet Cove.
For an alternative arm knit blanket pattern, Bassetti has published her one-hour version on her blog. If you cannot find cotton yarn as thick as the type Bassetti uses in the video below but would still like to give arm knitting decorative throw blankets a shot, both Crafts Unleashed and PinkWhen offer tutorials wherein you triple up on bulky yarn to thicken the blanket. This triple method requires you to use three skeins of yarn at a time, so it’s important to keep track of each strand and avoid tangling as you knit.
According to her blog and Facebook page, Bassetti and her husband of eight years are expecting their first child, a son named Ryder. We’re sure that baby boy will be adorably bundled up in all his mother’s cozy designs.