Gorgeous Log Home Wrap Around Deck Only $46,000 MUST SEE Interior & Floor Plans!

There are many reasons you might consider a log home or log cabin, maybe you are looking for a place to getaway and spend holidays and weekends, or maybe you want a log home to live in full time. This great log cabin is an amazing price for an appealing log home design.

When you think of log homes and log cabins, something like this may come as a bit of a surprise to you. But you should take a look at the interior and exterior photos of this log cabin you are sure to be impressed. This site offers some amazing quality rustic log cabins that are then put on trailers. Log cabins are great for use at campgrounds, or for people who want to have a place to getaway. You could purchase one of these log cabins; and you will love how it feels to live in one of them. This model log cabins has a nice rustic design that is appealing and cozy. Other benefits of this great log cabin is that they are made durable and longer lasting (they are said to last a lifetime), they are in simple and practical designs, and less maintenance. This type of log cabins are much more affordable than other log cabins.

The log homes building company may have different sizes and options of log cabins available. On the site, you will find log cabins that start as a one room log cabin that is a very nice size. This style of log cabin sleeps multiple people, has bathroom(s) and kitchen. If you need more space, larger or custom options may be available. Log cabins, with or without large porch are wonderful. Make them of your living space, sleeping friends and family. Full bathroom, full kitchen, dining area. This style of log home may also come with a loft option.





There is something about log cabins that appeal to most people. They have been around since the first homesteaders walked across the land.

Log cabin ownership is a dream that many people hold onto, and owning a log cabin or log home, is a way you can start creating and sharing more quality time with family and friends. The nice thing about these log cabins is that all the work has been done for you, so there are no surprises, you know exactly what you are getting. A log cabin is a great option for people who want an appealing log cabin design, which they can park at a campground they can enjoy. You choose the location for your park model to log cabin, from the lakeside, pondside or forest views. The front porch on the park model log cabin is a great place to sit back and enjoy the smells and sights of nature, even if it is raining as you won’t get wet. You can put the kits to bed, and then enjoy just sitting back. With so many park models to choose from, there is something to suit most any budget and need. It is sure to be something that fits into your particular life, from smaller sizes to larger cabin models. You will want to take a look inside and see for yourself.

Designed by craftsmen who are masters at what they do. The log cabins are built using the solid, tested and true construction techniques.