Grab those leaves as they fall and copy these 12 amazing leaf crafts

1. Leaf bowl
You may have to look twice at this leaf bowl to make sense of it. It’s actually a bowl crafted from artificial leaves. Easy to put together with only a few simple supplies, this bowl will look right at home filled with fall trinkets in the center of your Thanksgiving table.
2. Fall mobile
Such an easy craft that your kids can help you, this fall leaf mobile adds a festive touch to your home come September and October. Simulate the look of real leaves without the hassle, and get creative with coloring your creation for a custom touch.
3. Leaf roses
A truly creative way to recycle leaves, these beautiful leaf roses make a perfect decoration during the fall months. Create realistic-looking rosebuds from leaves you gather from your yard, minimizing costs and maximizing creativity. Wrap them in a bouquet and gift them to a fall-loving friend!

4. Leaf printing
Leaves may not last forever, but when you print them, you can always remember their beauty. Plus, you can use the imprints to decorate everything from hanging garlands to tote bags, gift tags, or just about anything else you think would look cute with the colorful image of a pressed leaf.
5. Leafy pumpkin
Combine two of the most well-known symbols of fall to create one adorable craft. Use lightweight decorative leaves to make a fall-inspired pumpkin; no carving required. Perfect for your fall decor, this simple craft looks great when you use a white or orange pumpkin. Do several pumpkins of different sizes and group them together on a mantel or table.
6. Leaf snowglobe
A fun way to welcome fall, a leaf snowglobe turns leaves into a flowing, falling decoration that simply captivates. Fun to make with kids, a leaf globe uses artificial leaves so it lasts longer. Add confetti or glitter for an even more exciting globe!
7. Leaf wreath
Decorate your door with the naturally beautiful colors of fall when you string together a fall leaf wreath. This craft is a visually appealing way to put leaves to good use and get them off the ground! Guests will be impressed with your crafting skills, and you get an inexpensive door wreath out of it.
8. Hurricane centerpiece
The colors of fall look amazing when paired with soft candlelight, and this leaf hurricane centerpiece combines the two for a simple yet striking decoration. Great for weddings, parties, or dinners, these centerpieces exude the best of fall.
9. Pressed leaves
For an elegant decoration, use glass to press and preserve the beautiful colors of autumn leaves. These striking decorations are a simple yet effective way to herald the beginning of fall, and make an impact, especially when you press more than one and display them together.
10. Leaf ornaments
Use resin to create permanent reminders of fall foliage. These glittering and gleaming leaf ornaments are versatile pieces; you can make jewelry using them, hang them on a wreath or tree, or use them to add pizzazz to packages and gifts.
11. Leaf crown
Turn yourself or your daughter into a fall fairy princess with fun crowns. Construct crowns from leaves instead of flowers for a more seasonal look, and use them as a pretty prop for photos or give them as party favors or gifts this season.
12. Leaf magnets
Decorate your fridge with shades of fall when you create DIY leaf magnets. Laminate lovely leaves and scatter them along the surface of your refrigerator. Mix and match leaves of different colors, shapes, and sizes for an interesting and engaging look.