This Is What Happens To Your Body If You Don’t Take A Shower Every Day

Most people shower frequently. Unless they have a job that does not require them to step out of the house, most people shower once a day. But on certain days, you might skip your shower to cut off 30 minutes of your routine. I admit that I’ll do that every once in a while. Sometimes I just need the time back to do something else.

But showering every day has its benefits. And after you read this list and discover the eight things that happen to your body if you don’t shower daily, you’ll stop what you’re doing and hop in the shower. Some of these things will lead to health complications – so get in your shower every day no matter what.

Your skin will get dirty and greasy.

While you probably know that stink comes with this territory, so do other problems. Your skin will soon look greasy and dirty. Dead skin cells will also build up and make you look unclean.

You risk skin infection.

Because you quit showering, your skin becomes a breeding ground for germs. And it can become a Petri dish for fungi. If you get a cut or some other opening happens to the skin, an infection can ensue. And if untreated, it can pose a risk to your life.

You’ll host a germ party.

Even on a clean day, your skin has a host of germs on it. When you stop showering, your skin becomes even more of a magnet for those disgusting microscopic organisms. Some can be good for the skin, but most are not. If these get into your eyes or ears, they will make you sick.

Your groin area will become insufferable.

If you refuse to shower, prepare to have rashes and worse appear in your groin area. Yeast will accumulate and cause itchiness and burning.

Your skin will develop dermatitis neglecta.

It’s as bad as it sounds. If you go a while without washing, your skin will develop wart-like plaques. This condition is dermatitis neglecta and occurs when junk like dead skin cells accumulate on your skin.

Fungi will grow between your toes.

While your groin is a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, so are your feet. Skipping your shower means your feet are getting neglected. You’ll feel it between your toes and on your toenails.

Your scalp will itch.

When you don’t shower or shampoo, your scalp will accumulate dandruff and be itchy. And your natural hair oils will start to matte your hair together.

You’ll stink. But not for too long.

Skipping a shower for a matter of days can lead to some severe body odor. As the bacteria start to feed on your skin’s oily secretions, people around you will start giving you some clearance. But according to one writer for the Atlantic, after a while, you lose the stink and just start smelling “like a person.” Take this with a grain of salt.

In conclusion:

It’s important to shower. But don’t overdo it, or you’ll strip your body of the good bacteria and oils on your skin. Always wash in moderation.