Here’s Why Everyone Is Talking About This Gorgeous Log Home

The ultimate place to unwind and relax, is in nature, nature has all that is needed to replenish and rejuvenate us. This Rustic Cottage: A Relaxation Oasis In The Woods, would definitely be the perfect place to have a time of retreat, or the absolute perfect place to live full time as a permanent residence. The idea that these type of rustic cottages in the woods are only for recreational purposes, is fading away, and people are learning to meld the places and things they love to do, with the right livelihood, to create a balance that works for people in our modern day life.

This rustic cottage is all kinds of amazing. It has the appeal of that cabin in the woods, but still is very modern and up to date. The solid rock built foundation of the cottage is beautiful, and will last for years to come. The thick and sturdy logs used to build this amazing cottage, will last a lifetime or more! There is even some copper or tin protection on the edges of the logs that jut out from under the eave, protecting them and keeping them from rotting. The high beamed ceilings provide so much space as well!



The interior is nothing short of gorgeous, with the amazing kitchen, all with matching cabinetry, and what a stunning stove and fridge they have in there as well, I have never seen one like that before. They have a rustic feel, but are very modern. The dining room is gorgeous, with the chandelier made out of deer antlers, and the fitting wood table with the rustic chairs around, all finished with deer hide. The fireplace looks like the perfect spot to cozy up after a long day and enjoy some time with loved ones. Over all, this cottage is just awesome! Head over to ‘Goods Home Design’ by following the link in the section below for more photos!