Here’s What Happens Before You Ride That Elephant. We Must Put A Stop To This

Trying new things in different places of the world is always exciting. But, it is not the same as abusing an animal for our own entertainment.

It may look fun but it is not the proper thing to do.

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One of these attractions is elephant riding, which sounds amusing both for adults and children but in fact it is not something that we should do.

We are using animals just to enjoy some new experiences. The pictures below might be disturbing but they are true in what is happening. It shows tourists riding an elephant while taking pictures.



What we should know is that elephants are not conditioned to allow huge number of tourists to ride them.

Source: Save Elephant Foundation

First, they should be trained for that specific number so they can agree on that further.

On the other hand, if elephants would want to kill people they can do it because they are part of dangerous animals. They can easily get wild by beating, kicking, chaining and tormenting them.

Elephants are usually caught in while they are still young, where they are taken from their mothers and locked up in cages. During this time they are so badly treated, without food for long time.

Source: Save Elephant Foundation

To avoid pain, they learn to obey man.

Despite this, a lot of tourists think that is harmless to ride an elephant, but they are not able to see the pain these animals go through before.

It is such a pity!

Source: Save Elephant Foundation

People should stop riding elephants so there won’t be a market for it and if everyone boycotted both elephant riding and circuses, these wild animals would be free without any harm.

Let us all help each other to become aware of this and try to stop this phenomenon.