The Hill-Matheux Cottage Melds Condo And Cabin Life Perfectly

When it comes to small cottage homes, the Hill-Matheux Cottage would be placed high in the ranking of best designs. Once you start looking through all of the tiny house interior designs out there, it can be hard to stop. It is such a fun thing to do especially if you are into interior design and you are loving the new small house living concepts that have been slowly surfacing for a few years now. Even though it seems like now there is an explosion of tiny house designs on the market and it seems like everyone wants to be in one, tiny homes are not new by any means; they are just becoming more popular.

Small houses used to be and still are used in settings where people need to live a little bit more frugally, so cutting down on the size of their home makes it more affordable. Or, in other places, small house living is about conserving space in an urban setting and creating less waste and energy consumption. Americans are catching on that they don’t need huge houses to live a happy and fulfilled life, which is why the small house movement is becoming so popular. When you see tiny house interior design like the design in the Hill-Matheux cottage, it makes you see just what can be done with some design expertise and some creative freedom. This tiny house building is located in Val-des-Monts, Quebec, Canada and was designed by Katriouk Associates. The small house design has one of the best floor plans that take the space from just a simple home to a gallery high-class style.





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Every piece of furniture and every textile seems to have been perfectly chosen to compliment each other perfectly; it is like a work of contemporary art. With interesting features like the rustic copper ceiling in the entrance way, to the minimalist staircase, every detail in this tiny house design has been executed very tastefully. The interesting art pieces on the walls include beautiful photos of insects as well as some beautiful tribal style art and even some Mexican style art.

The pallet of the home is kept quite neutral on the base colours and then pops of colour are added through the placement of accessories and brightly coloured furniture and art. The outside of the tiny home is also a nice pop of colour in the neutral and natural pallet of the forest; your eye is drawn right to the red and the juxtaposition of the black trim on the tiny house. The concrete floor also gives the tiny house interior some added appeal, adding to that industrial vibe that people love.

All of the windows add so much to the space by bringing in the outside world adding some natural light and ambiance into the home. You would think that an interior like this one might feel too cold and unapproachable, but they have perfected the right balance of soft and sleek attributes in the tiny space that it feels quite warm and inviting. The sheepskins are always a nice touch that will add a softer touch to any room, and the sofa is a nice cushioned and upholstered piece that brings some warmth to the room. Of course, the fireplace and mantle in the living room also help to bring a real glow and coziness to the small home’s design. If you were to choose to live in a small home, would this one be it?