He Honked His Horn When She Didn’t Go At The Green Light. That’s When She Got Out Of The Car

Some people will do anything to abuse their tiny amount of power. Some people will be rude to random strangers, like the waiter or waitress at The Cheesecake Factory. Others will destroy retail displays at GAP to show how much they just “don’t care.” Somehow these people don’t realize that there is nothing righteous about being a jerk. One woman was recently driving in front of a FedEx truck when she decided to sit through an entire green light.

The truck driver honked at her to alert her to the next green light. She got out of her car and started harassing the truck driver instead of just moving along like a normal person.

The driver managed to tape most of the interaction and he shared it on Youtube right after. It went viral almost immediately and now has racked up an impressive 250,000 views in just a few days!

It all started when the FedEx employee noticed that the driver in front of him wasn’t moving for a green light. She seemed to be reading a piece of paper, so he gave her a honk to let her know it was time to go.

When she got out of her car, he asked her to please move her car right away. She was blocking the road for him and many other drivers stacked up behind him at this point.

“I’m sorry… I don’t feel well, I can’t move right now because you got me so upset,” she said.

He asked her again to please move her car to the side of the road. She responded by threatening to call FedEx and report him.

“This is gonna hurt you more than me. So either apologize and give me your name or…” she said as he interrupted.

The driver simply wants to go but this annoying woman decided to ruin his day and several other drivers for no other reason than her own power trip.

“Green means go, you’ve got to move out of the way!” Mike D, the truck driver shouted.

She refuses to give in, doubling down on her stupidity by threatening to call the police. If anyone in this situation was breaking the law, it was this ignorant woman.

Mike decided to be nice and apologizes to her, and it seems to work. Until about one second later, when she launches into a tirade about how cruel our world is. Next, she tells him that she wasn’t reading a paper at all – she was “just dizzy.”

She had apparently taken some new medicine and it was affecting her. Mike pointed out that she should have gone to the side of the road, but she tells him that she was scared. She was courageous enough to confront this random FedEx employee though, and that dizziness went away rather quickly.

The strange woman continues to ask for his ID number, hoping to report him to FedEx. It’s unclear if she thinks that honking a horn is illegal, or why she keeps insisting on the FedEx employee calling the police.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think of this strange situation in the comments.