Horse Notices Lady Is Having Trouble Mounting Him, So He Helps Her Out In Sweetest Of Ways

If you don’t know how to do it, getting onto a horse is tough. Some people take years of lesson in order to acquire the skills to become a master horseback rider. And others simply never get the hang of it. Working with a horse can be intimidating for the novice. The animal is much bigger and stronger than us and can cause massive damage to our fragile bodies with just one wrong move.

But in the video below, you’ll see what happens when one inexperienced and brazen wannabe rider grabs onto a horse’s mane to get on. Check out the viral video shared to Facebook to see this woman’s attempts to mount a horse.

In the clip shared below, you’ll see as the woman continuously fails to get on the horse’s back. Perhaps, her efforts are thwarted because she’s wearing only a skimpy bathing suit-like outfit. Or perhaps, it is because she is not respecting the horse properly.

But as her efforts continue to fail and fall short of her goal, even the horse become noticeably aggravated and impatient. When he had an opportunity, the horse trotted over to the other side of the corral to get away from the bad rider.

However, the horse wasn’t quitting on the woman like everyone thought. Instead, the large mammal crouched down into the dirt and allowed the woman to climb on his back. Because he had lowered himself to a more manageable height, the woman had no trouble getting on this time.

Because the horse had never been trained to do this, and simply did it because he was frustrated with the woman in the bikini, the woman filming laughed at the horse’s kindness.

Now mounted on the horse, the woman rider was eager to go for a ride. But the horse did not rush her. He waited until she was secure on his back and then rose up to his full height.

After that, the horse took off with the woman on his back and showed her what it means to ride a horse.

The moment below has been viewed millions of times on Facebook. As you can see, the young woman has no idea how to get on the back of the horse. She tries to swing her legs up and fails miserably. It is quite embarrassing for her, given that this was all caught on camera.

At the 15-secomd mark, the horse walks away from the woman as she tries to get on his back. He is through with her half-baked efforts at horse riding.

The comments poured in on the Facebook page video. Here were some of the most popular ones:

“Sensational, even animals understand when we need help .. Smart Horse,” shared Maicon Pereira.

“Our love still more the horses. To this day I regret it because I got one as a teenager and I refused … I should have accepted. They are the smartest animals I know,” shared Silvana Machado.

What do you think about this horse’s ability to know how to help the failing woman?

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