How To Make A Colorful Pouf

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Finished Dimensions: 17” diameter by 10” tall

What You’ll Need

¼ yard each 12 coordinating fabrics (I used quilting cottons)

1 yard muslin

3 pounds fiberfill stuffing

2 large buttons (approximately 1 ½”)

2 flat metal washers, slightly smaller than your buttons

12” upholstery needle (get this where upholstery supplies are sold)

fishing line

sewing thread

hand sewing needle

sewing machine

sharp scissors


1. Print the template


Download and print the template above. This template will work if sized to any dimension, so you don’t have to worry too much about getting it to print to the exact size specified. (And if you prefer a smaller or larger pouf, just size the template accordingly!)

2. Cut & Arrange the Fabric

Using the template, cut 2 pieces from each of the 12 fabrics, and 24 pieces of muslin.

Arrange one piece of each of the 12 fabrics in the order you plan to assemble them.

3. Assemble the Wedges

To stabilize the fabric and discourage stretching, a piece of muslin is sewn behind each piece of colored fabric. To do this, just align a piece of muslin on the wrong side of each piece of fabric, then sew them together as one as you assemble the pouf.

To sew the first two wedges together, make a little fabric sandwich with a piece of muslin, the first wedge right-side up, the next wedge right-side down, and another piece of muslin. Pin all four layers together along one side.

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