How To Make A Colorful Pouf

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Stuff the pouf, pulling off handfuls of stuffing and adding them in smallish clumps (to avoid a lumpy appearance, it’s best to add the stuffing little by little). Take care to spread the stuffing into the far edges of the pouf so that each nook and cranny is fully stuffed.

When the pouf is nice and firm, sew the opening closed using a hand-sewing needle and matching thread.

14. Make the Tuft

(SAFETY NOTE: Be very careful when working with the long upholstery needle. I nearly poked myself in the eye as I struggled to push the needle through the pouf while leaning over it to observe – yikes – NOT a good method! Always insert the needle AWAY from yourself, not toward yourself!)

In this step, flat metal washers are used to hold the tufting in place in the center of the cushion. The tufting is sewn with fishing line because regular thread is not strong enough to withstand the pressure of the tufting. The buttons, which are decorative only, are added later.

Thread an approximately 60” piece of fishing line (here I’m using heavy thread since fishing line wouldn’t show in the photos) through the long upholstery needle. Tie both ends of the fishing line onto one of the washers and loop it through the washer twice.

Insert the needle all the way through the center of the pouf, so that the washer lies flat against the center point of one side the pouf. On the other side, loop the thread through another washer.

Looping through the center and around the edge of the washer, insert the needle back through the pouf and out through the center of the other washer. Pull the fishing line tight while pressing down on the top washer to create the tufted effect. Keeping the tension, insert the needle around the washer and back through the other side. (It’s helpful to have someone else lend a hand at this stage, though it’s not impossible to do yourself!)

Make a few passes with the needle and fishing line, each time looping through and around the washers. Tie off the line on one side, knotting it onto the washer.

15. Add the Buttons

Cut an approximately 30” piece of matching thread and loop it through the upholstery needle, doubling it. Insert the needle through the pouf, going through the center of the washers. Next, loop it through a button, then back through to the other side of the pouf. Finally, loop it through the other button. Tie the threads in a knot so that the thread is pulled taut and the buttons are nestled against the washers.

And poof — you’re done!

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