How to make a photo stand from old CDs/DVDs

Most media is accessed via streamed or cloud-stored sources nowadays, so many folks have a once-proud CD or DVD collection sitting in a forgotten box. Selling the discs is difficult and throwing them away is terrible for the environment, so why not find an upcycle project that will put them to good use?
Enter Nancy from Our Peaceful Planet. Her disc-to-photo-stand project is simple enough for children to do, yet produces a very personal product that makes a great gift. Imagine mounting a photo of you and your BFF on the CD that includes your high school graduation theme song. Or an anniversary gift with the couple’s wedding photo mounted on the DVD of the movie showing at their first date. Nancy’s project has endless possibilities!
To make these clever photo stands, get your discs and photos together with some crafting or scrapbooking paper, small binder clips, adhesive and spray paint. You will also want to gather miscellaneous decorative items: silk flowers, ribbons, etc.
Using circular templates, cut the photo and crafting paper to size and attach to disc. Adorn with miscellaneous items, then set the finished product on spray-painted binder clips.
Looking for detailed DIY instructions? They can be found on Nancy’s website, Our Peaceful Planet!
Here’s a tip: if you’re making gifts, try to incorporate meaningful adornments. For example, sparkle the BFF gift on the graduation soundtrack with glitter in the high school’s colors; tie the wedding photo on the DVD of the couple’s first-date movie with ribbon from the bride’s bouquet.
Did you know that CDs and DVDs are not recyclable via curbside recycling? Best Buy stores accept discs for recycling, and the CD Recycling Center of America offers a nationwide mail-in recycling service for free. Because the discs are made of petroleum-based plastic, throwing them away results in landfill clutter that doesn’t biodegrade or air pollution from harmful gases released during incineration.
It makes environmental sense to recycle or upcycle your old CDs and DVDs. If you still have some left after making the photo stands, try creating beautiful mosaics or creative coaster sets.
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