He Makes Something Sinister With Not Much More Than A Balloon And Cardboard

oilet paper is useful for the obvious reasons, but when you peel back a layer, you’ll find that there are more uses to that roll than there are kernels in a popcorn bowl. The Crazy Russian Hacker trots out a video laying out a number of them, but for the sake of transparency, he uses a paper towel roll for one of the tips.


The Crazy Russian Hacker is an Internet celebrity, but you might find it funny to learn that he’s not even Russian! He’s got an awesome accent to fit the bill, though, and he wears it with pride … it’s just not a Russian accent.

His name is Taras Kulakov and he’s from the Czech Republic. More interestingly, he lives in Asheville, N.C. His library of videos has amassed more than 400 million views, and he’s got more than 3 million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

In this quick clip, he’s showing a bunch of different uses for cardboard tubes, and a few of them seem extraordinarily useful. Don’t watch this video with your kids, though! There’s one tip in here that you’ll want them to steer clear of. He starts off simply.
If you’ve got a dog (or a cat) who’s enamored with your toilet paper roll at home, it can often end in a messy situation — which is particularly bothersome considering that toilet paper’s meant for cleaning, not the other way around! He suggests tucking the end of the strip into the tube itself. It’s a little disheartening that I hadn’t thought of that already!
There’s one trick in here having to do with wrangling in unruly wrapping paper, and this one has made its rounds on the Internet. Dozens of folks have shared the tip, including Hannaford, a regional supermarket chain:

Perhaps most impressive is the Folgers toilet paper dispenser; it’s easy to call to mind a number of times where that may come in handy. Think about camping: it’s not the end of the world if you’ve got loose toilet paper rolls, but the edges can often end up torn and frayed, leading to a less-than-sightly spool. His trick will ensure that toilet paper stays fresh until the last strip.
The highlighted example in the picture above outlines a sort-of slingshot — and it’s definitely something you want to hide from the kids. It’s easy to imagine the level of havoc that a 13-year-old might wreak if armed with one of those.
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