This Makeup Life Hack Is Absolutely Brilliant And Incredibly Simple

I used to throw away my compact when it would break. After seeing this amazing video, I’ll never waste money like that again. How simple!

This incredibly easy life hack is going to save me a ton. I used to just throw away my compact when it got in this condition, but after seeing this genius video, those days are a thing of the past.
This got us wondering about how much we actually spend on makeup. The data we found was staggering.
InStyle did a study to see how much women actually spend on makeup in their lifetime. The results just may surprise you. When they broke down the numbers they found that $3,770 is spent on just mascara! In addition to that, “$2,750 spent on shadow and $1,780 on lipstick in a lifetime.” Adding all the other miscellaneous items one purchases for their makeup needs, the grand total of money spent in a lifetime on makeup is somewhere in the neighborhood of $15,000.
Do you think that number is accurate? How much do you think you spend every year? Please share your thoughts and stories with us in the comment section below.