A Mountain Cabin In Truckee, California With Industrial Chic Decor

This stunning tiny Mountain Cabin located in Truckee, California has one of the greatest tiny house designs There is so much to love about this beautiful tiny home design. Located in Truckee, California the tiny home design is surrounded by big trees, mountains and scenic views. The covered outdoor patio and enclosed porch are good spots to enjoy the surrounding views while having your morning coffee, or just as places to read or enjoy the stars. Inside this tiny house is an abundance of wood and wooden beams that tie the tiny home design together perfectly. Built in bunk beds in one of the bedrooms are great for the kids or if you have guests over to stay. And lots of windows throughout this best tiny house design offers lovely views of nature wherever you look.

The use of windows also lets in plenty of natural light during the day. The use of stone and wood throughout this tiny home design ties it in perfectly to its natural surroundings and makes for a tiny cabin design that you won’t soon forget. This tiny house was designed by Jeffers Design Group who did an excellent job of the entire project. Owning a tiny home like this is a dream that many people consider. Imagine vacationing or living full time in a location such as this, where you can enjoy nature hikes, skiing and snowboarding and scenic views every day of the year.



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There have never been so many tiny house design plans as there is today. Building and owning a tiny home design is a great way to get the vacation home of your dreams, in a location that allows you to enjoy nature all year long. When many people hear the term tiny home design, they automatically think of tiny houses on wheels or tiny cabin designs that are only suitable for one or two people. But the term tiny home design can also be used to describe tiny homes that a family can stay in, a place that might be less in square footage than your standard size home, but small enough where you can save money but still get the tiny home design of your dreams.

It may surprise some, but what tiny homes lack in size they certainly make up for in design and style. With tiny cabin designs to work with, homeowners can get creative and make the most of every bit of their tiny house. Tiny house design plans are not limited just because they have less space, but quite the opposite. More and more you are seeing unique tiny house design plans that just keep raising the bar. It is an exciting time to see what is going on with tiny home design and the best tiny house design, and the cool tiny houses designs and concepts that you can see from all over the world with amaze and inspire you. Could you see yourself living in a tiny house like this one? Or would you prefer a different design?