I Mustache You A Question; How Adorable Is This Crocheted Bearded Baby Beanie?

Have you ever seen anything cuter and more hilarious than a bearded baby? This crocheted bearded hat by Ashlee Marie will make even the coldest heart melt into goo. Even my boyfriend (who much prefers dogs over babies) said, “I would have a baby just so I could put this on them and laugh.” Yeah, he’s going to make a great father one day.

While mermaid tail blankets and crocheted owl cozies are all the rage, sometimes it’s the unexpected that really brings a smile to your face. I mean, were you expecting to see a baby in a bearded crochet hat today?

Facebook | Ashlee Marie

You can get the pattern for the hat over on Ashlee’s website FOR FREE. Yes, that means your baby, or whatever baby your friends and family let you borrow, can look as adorable as this guy in a bearded baby hat.

Oh, and the pattern doesn’t only come in baby size. You can make these for your more grown-up kids, or even the adult in your life who needs a little bit of help in the facial hair department. Or if you’re really up for a challenge, you can use Ashlee’s Santa Clause Bearded Hat pattern and get ready for next year’s holiday season.

Facebook | Ashlee Marie

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