Neighbor Secretly Recorded The Worst Case Of Animal Abuse Authorities Had Ever Seen

Almost everyone has a camera in their hands today. Sometimes that is a good thing. Like in this case. A resident of Jacksonville, Florida used their camera to record their neighbor abusing a black and white puppy. The disturbing video shows a very angry man trying to clean the dog. But going about it in a very rough fashion.

The video was shared with Pet Rescue North Inc., and they have contacted the police. Two days after getting the video, the puppy was removed from the home. The angry man has vowed to fight to get his dog back. With the video as evidence, I think it is clear this man should never be allowed to own another animal – ever.

Take a look at this video

Be a hero like the person who took this video. The puppy is now safe and hopefully will find a better home to live in.

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[h/t Pet Rescue Report]