Why You Should Never, Ever Rinse Your Dishes Before Putting Them In The Dishwasher

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Isn’t it funny how the smallest, most insignificant household squabbles can tear families apart?

Should the toilet paper roll go backwards or forwards? Are we watching the game tonight, or Dancing With the Stars? Where should we go for dinner tonight?

Well you’ll be happy – and pretty surprised – to know that one of the oldest “couple arguments” of all has been settled.


Yes, you can just throw the dirty dishes in the machine without rinsing them. In fact, you should never rinse your dishes.

Wait, really?

Yes, really.

Morgan Bashear, a scientist who works for Cascade, says “it’s actually more beneficial tonot rinse our dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.”

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The stunning news comes courtesy of a recent Wall Street Journal article, which pointed out a little-known feature of modern dishwashers.

It turns out these machines have a smart sensor, which decided how long to run each cycle and what temperature to use.

Even if you use the same settings each time, the wash cycle is very different depending on what’s inside the dishwasher.





During the pre-wash cycle, this sensor is checking how much “loose” food like sauce or crumbs is floating around in the machine, and what it finds is important to getting your dishes clean.

Less is more

As Brashear says, “If you pull a helicopter cleaner and rinse all of your dishes […] nothing will come off in the pre-wash.”

Why does that matter? After all, less food left on your dishes means they’ll be easier to clean, right?

Miguel Peres de Rosa

Not always. Say you have a machine full of rinsed plates but also one cheese-crustedcasserole dish. Because there was almost no loose food, the dishwasher’s sensor may not be prepared to clean that dried food off.

If you ever opened your dishwasher to find rows of clean plates and one crusty tray, this was why.

I know leaving dirty plates in the machine can be stressful – especially if you grew up cleaning them nightly, like I did – but the machine can handle it.

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Consumer Reports has stress tested these appliances, and says most machines from the past five years, or expensive older models, can handle the big crumbs safely.

Just remember to clean the filter regularly, and scrape off any really big food chunks.

You’re not just saving time this way, but money and water too: without pre-rinsing the dishes you save about 20 gallons per load.


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