Officer Gives Attempted Murderer A Present In Court, Turns His Smirk Into Utter Fear (VIDEO)

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Why did Rojas try to kill the cop?

Back in March 2016, the detective was merely driving his son to school. But when he saw a 19-year-old Rojas driving like a maniac, he pulled him over. But as soon as he was stopped, Rojas exited his vehicle looking for a fight.

He pulled out his firearm and started shooting at the police officer. And his shot was accurate. He hit the undercover cop in the head, the abdomen, and the hand.

All of this happened while the officer’s son sat in the passenger seat watching his father almost get killed. And fortunately, the boy was not hurt in the firefight.

Although he was severely injured, the officer was unwilling to let Rojas go. He pulled his firearm and then aimed at the teen gunman. As he returned fire, Rojas fled from the scene, terrified for his life.



Rojas stole a truck, but he did not leave the scene without receiving a few “gifts” from other officers who arrived on the scene on the day of the shooting. He was shot three times

The young man was convicted of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer on Wednesday. He was also convicted of one charge of attempted manslaughter, one count of grand theft auto, and one count of fleeing or attempting to elude the police. While he was sentenced to life behind bars, he has the opportunity to wait 25 years before he is considered for parole.

The officer’s gift should come in handy during those 25 years.

What do you think about the detective’s special present?

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