Officials Raid This Dirty Woman’s House And Immediately Throw Her In Jail

In November 2015, the RSPCA raided the home of Tracey Tindall. They had reason to believe conditions inside the home would be bad – but no one thought they would be as horrifying as they really were. The entire inside of the house was covered in feces, grime, and dirt.

Besides Tracey, there were three cats, five dogs, and one bearded dragon in the home. Not all of those animals were actually alive though. Some had recently died, others were at various stages of decomposition. Out in the yard, two dead rabbits were found, and a large dead, decomposing mastiff was chained up in the back.

Tindall was arrested and put in jail. I am not sure jail is where she belongs, I think she needs help, and she won’t get it in jail. In her defense, Tracey said she had been looking after her mother who had dementia. After her mother’s death, Tracey said she fell into a deep depression, she even cried in court.



Tracey’s lawyer said that she had gotten herself into a state she couldn’t get out of. Well, I am not sure what to make of it now. Clearly someone failed all of the animals, and someone should pay. But, if Tracey had been caring for her mother – why didn’t she help with the mess? This mess isn’t something that just happens over a few months, this takes years to get this bad.

I take back what I said, Tracey does belong in jail. Tracey only got an 18-month sentence. Let’s hope when she is released she gets back on track with her life. Share away, people.