Pack Of Stray Dogs Approach Teens And Beg Them To Help Save Their Friend

When a group of buddies wanted a bit of adventure to fill their day, they decided to explore a nearby abandoned water park following a heavy rainfall.

The teenagers weren’t on the property for long before they were approached by a group of stray dogs.

The dogs intended no harm to the boys, but were barking to get their attention and have them follow them to another location inside the park.



Stray Dogs Approach TeensAlthough the boys hesitated at first, they soon picked up on the fact that the group of stray dogs was anxious to show them something important.

After they began following the strays, they soon discovered what all the commotion was about.

The group of stray dogs was simply trying to save one of their canine pals who had stumbled into one of the pools at the water park and didn’t have the strength to climb out.

Stray Dogs Approach Teens

In its weakened condition after so much struggling in the pool water, this dog was in serious trouble.

One of the boys quickly stepped up to the edge of the pool and was able to grab onto the dog and pull him safely out.



It’s unlikely that the dog who fell into the pool would have been able to get out himself without the human help his stray dog friends went looking for.