Pallet Wall Projects … What do you think about this WALL…??

When it comes to redesigning your home, repainting the walls is an important step. You can choose to be bold and use strong colors or a patterned wallpaper, but there is something even better than these two ideas. You can create a unique wall out of pieces of wood or old pallets. The great part is, that this way you won’t even need to invest into other expensive decoration items, as the wall itself will give the room a whole new look. You can leave the pallets the way they are and install them on the wall, or paint them. The natural color of the pallets will create an elegant atmosphere, but if you want a more fresh and youthful look, simply paint the pallets in several colors and make a colorful wall. This will go well in a child’s room, but even in a more contemporary and modern apartment. Take a look around your rooms and find a wall that needs this cool upgrading to start your very own pallet wall project.

pallet-wall-project   pallet-wall-project-3 pallet-wall-project-8